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National Networking Company is the first on- & offline international business network. In order to keep up with the fast paced world and wanting to extend your network, we provide the solution for real human interaction and the fast pace of online connection.

For more information or a personal conversation, please contact us.

Not only will we provide the tools and events to facilitate it, we as the National Networking Company Team will also help you create your best connections. Our online solutions range from Crovv videoconference to an online Communitycation platform, which you can both use.

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Community Platform

Specially for our NNC Members and all people that like to know more about our Member Network we have created the NNC Community.

On the Private Community Platform NNC Members and our Team share news about networking and business.

It is also an easy way to connect with other members by Chat or Crovv Videoconference.

Also you can find the different NNC groups / chapters with all online & offline meeting information.

The NNC Members and Team can give high quality recommendations with our recommendation tool.

If you like to see more click on the button below to register and upload your profile.

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Our Focus


We always guarantee and facilitate quality with everything we do.

We make sure that also the quality of our members is visible.

Our team has a high intrinsic motivation to focus on quality.

We are actively committed to every NNC member.

We fulfill our moral obligations.

Our team is always present when members are introduced to each other.




We are approachable; also when the number of members grow. 

As an organisation we guarantee and achieve results for our members.

Our support team grows with the growth of our (international) organisation.

We guid and train our members to guarantee the NNC standard.


Membership is recouped within one full year.

Our team always has a personal conversation with each member and gets insights into the business model in order to be able to focus on the desired results and goals.

Promises are kept.

Our team provides the first contacts between members themselves or within our total network.

Our team provides connections between people and organisations.

Before the membership is accepted the mutual expectations and goals are defined.

We are always busy to expand our services.

Our team is proactive in setting up and executing actions for our members.

Impressions of our business meetings


Discover the Art of Networking and Branding your Business!
Are you ready to expand your network in a new way?
We connect, you Expand Professionally!
Are you committed to invest and take you & your business to the Next Level?
We connect to bring you the Results you Need!

NNC Basic

799,- This membership includes:
  • Network on our online platform with other Basic Members
  • 1 ticket to one of our Exclusive Events
  • General Knowledge on Networking in Business
  • Best selling book “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill
  • You can join one Time To Comment group for more visibility on LinkedIn
  • Unlimited use of Crovv Videoconference software for your business
  • Pro account Notulen Software for 5 users
  • This membership is especially for starting entrepreneurs


NNC Premium

1499,- This membership includes:
  • NNC Basic Membership
  • Network on our online platform with other Premium Members
  • Specialised knowledge sessions on Business, IT & Marketing.
  • Two Tickets to our Exclusive Events to meet all members personally!
  • Premium on & offline Business Network Meetings and Promotions
  • Opportunity to offer 5 Products or Services in our online Webshop!
  • Official Partnership with the National Networking Company.
  • This membership is especially for National entrepreneurs

NNC Exclusive

3499,- This membership includes:
  • NNC Basic Membership
  • NNC Premium Membership
  • Personal & Business Coaching by Successful Industry Experts.
  • Three + 1 FULLY FREE Tickets to our Exclusive Events (€ 279,80).
  • Personal specialised Knowledge Sessions on Business, IT & Marketing.
  • 5 Extra Products or Services in our Webshop!
  • Personal High Quality Recommendations from the Corporate Team.
  • Exclusive ‘on & offline’ Business Network Meetings and Promotions.
  • Your Logo on our Website & Event Coins
  • This membership is especially for International entrepreneurs


Together with our partners we focus on the best Quality, Service & Results.