National Networking Company is a network organization where passion for each other’s business network is paramount! Quality, services with the aim of results that generate revenue growth, that’s what it’s all about at NNC.

Whether you are a (small) self employed person of you are a director/majority shareholder/CEO of an organization, NNC is there for everyone who wants to network for business and when networking should generate revenue!

NNC is also the only network organization with a warranty; no business = money back! If your and our network efforts fail, NNC will refund your full annual membership. This guarantee is given by NNC because networking pays back and this has been proven by NNC. After all, helping each other produces results!

The NNC is all about; giving each other something, giving pays off, who do we know for you, helping each other, warm contacts, sharing knowledge and recommendations this lead to your turnover growth! Passion for people in business.

NNC Premium

1499,- This membership includes:
  • Unlimited acces and Networking on the NNC Community Platform
  • Time To Comment for more visibility on LinkedIn
  • Unlimited use of Crovv Videoconference software for your business
  • Unlimited acces to NNC Networking Events to meet all members personally
  • Unlimited acces to NNC Network & Business Training
  • Five products or Services in our NNC Shop!
  • Two tickets for one of our Exclusive Events
  • Specialised knowledge sessions on Business, IT & Marketing.
  • Your Logo on our Website
  • No Results = 100% Money-back guarantee


NNC Premium+

3499,- This membership includes:
  • NNC Premium Membership
  • Personal & Business Coaching by Successful Industry Experts.
  • Premium on & offline Business Network Meetings and Promotions
  • Official Partnership with the National Networking Company.
  • Three + 1 FULLY FREE Tickets to our Exclusive Events (€ 279,80).
  • Personal specialised Knowledge Sessions on Business, IT & Marketing.
  • 5 Extra Products or Services in our NNC shop!
  • Personal High Quality Recommendations from the Corporate Team.
  • NNC Business Podcast Recording & Promotion
  • Our location The AREA is available for your training (5 days)
  • Your Logo on our NNC event Coins
  • No Results = 100% Money-back guarantee

NNC Exclusive

4999,- This membership includes:
  • NNC Premium and Premium+ Membership
  • Business Trip 2021 St. Maarten - SXM including ticket and hotel (more information coming soon)
  • High Quality International Recommendations from the Corporate Team.
  • Exclusive ‘on & offline’ Business Network Meetings and Promotions.
  • No Results = 100% Money-back guarantee